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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Pretty Things
CatNo: SMALP964
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The Pretty Things Parachute Vinyl

Parachute had the difficult task of following the legendary Psychedelic classic SF Sorrow.

Recorded in Abbey Road and released in 1970, the album was named Rolling Stone magazine's album of the year ahead of classics such as Let It Be, Morrison Hotel, After the Gold Rush, Moondance, Bridge Over Troubled Water and Led Zeppelin III.
180g heavyweight vinyl edition re-cut directly from the original Abbey Road master tapes.

Side 1;

1. Scene One (1:51)
2. The Good Mr. Square (1:27)
3. She Was Tall, She Was High (1:36)
4. In The Square (1:55)
5. The Letter (1:39)
6. Rain (2:29)
7. Miss Fay Regrets (3:28)
8. Cries From The Midnight Circus (6:28)
Side 2:
1. Grass (4:20)
2. Sickle Clowns (6:36)
3. She's A Lover (3:32)
4. What's The Use (1:45)
5. Parachute (3:52)