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Format: CD
Artist: Sweet Billy Pilgrim
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Sweet_Billy_Pilgrim Points_On_A_Curve CD

Covering all the band's releases, Points On A Curve: The Beginner's Guide To Sweet Billy Pilgrim is a budget-priced introduction to the wonderful world of SBP.

Featuring an exclusive, previously unreleased demo from the Somapolis sessions.

CD in card wallet.

1. we are the bright carvers 
2. archaelogy 
3. slingshot grin 
4. kalypso
5. asking for a friend 
6. junkyard dogs 
7. just above midtown
8. why the long face 
9. blood is big expense
10. stars spill out of cups 
11. the briar bell 
12. kracklite 
13. skywriting
14. coming up empty (demo)