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Artist: Scott Meze
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Scott Meze Nektar On Track Book Nektar
Of all the British bands that rose to fame during progressive rock’s golden age, despite massive success in the US and Germany, Nektar remain the most mysterious and least documented.
Nektar On Track offers everything you need to complete your understanding of an intriguing band as distinctive as their artwork and as dazzling as their light show.
Scott Meze’s many guises include music critic, science fiction author, and folk horror poet. For him, Nektar are the perfect nexus between the space rock that shifts the animal part of his brain out into the wonder of the universe and the prog that keeps his humanity grounded in the sheer inventive brilliance of our species. Scott abandoned the drippy dells of Somerset, UK, for the steamy swamp of Tokyo decades ago, and neither he nor his wife have a clue what he’s doing here.