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Paul Clark Tears For Fears On Track Book Roland Orzabal
Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith quickly transformed from introspective studio obsessives with The Hurting, to global hitmakers on Songs from the Big Chair to releasing the magnificent The Seeds of Love (epic both in terms of its vision and cost!).
Musical differences and strained relations led to the dissolution of the original partnership at the end of that decade, while Orzabal carried on under the Tears for Fears banner into the 1990s.
Everybody loves a happy ending, and in 2004 the reformed duo released that jocularly titled album. Then followed a long wait for a new record. The patience of their loyal followers was rewarded in 2022 with the universally lauded The Tipping Point. 
Taking in pre-TFF band Graduate and the duo’s solo work, this book covers the band’s complete career, album by album and song by song.
Paul Clark is a writer, freelance journalist, musician, and lecturer. He has previously worked as both a sports and music journalist. For over 18 years, he has lectured in news, sports, and music journalism. He is an avid gig-goer and record collector and can often be found crate digging in the region’s record stores. Born in Liverpool, he now lives in St Helens, UK.