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Artist: Matt Karpe
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Matt Karpe Tool On Track Book Tool Maynard James Keenan
Tool On Track documents all of the band’s studio releases, from the raw and unapologetic 1991 demo tape to the 2019 epic, Fear Inoculum; a record thirteen years in the making and an album that would solidify Tool as one of the greatest progressive rock and metal bands of all time.
The book uncovers the stories behind Tool’s engrossing back catalogue and enigmatic personnel, and additionally focuses on the band members’ various side-projects and selected guest appearances,.
Tool On Track is the most comprehensive book on the band yet written.
An avid music fan, author, and journalist, Matt Karpe has written for multiple print and online magazines over the last decade, including Powerplay and the punk and hardcore publication, Down For Life. Tool On Track is Matt’s sixth book overall, his previous releases being We Own the Night: The Underground of the Modern American Hard Rock Scene; two volumes of Nu Metal: Resurgence, Nu Metal: A Definitive Guide, and Korn On Track. He lives in March, Cambridgeshire, UK.
Paperback book.