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Artist: Martin Hutchinson
CatNo: 9781789521726
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Martin Hutchinson The Kinks On Track Book The Kinks Ray Davies

An engaging book examining every track released by The Kinks that provides a valuable insight into one of Britain's greatest and most complex groups.

Encompassing everything from the band's early groundbreaking hit singles through to the conceptual albums of the 1960s and 1970s and later, underrated 1980s and 1990s output.


Martin Hutchinson has been a music fan all his life and his knowledge of sixties and seventies music is encyclopaedic, having completed over 270 liner notes for CDs. He has written for numerous newspapers and magazines (a labour of love rather than profit) for over thirty years and has also written comedy sketches for TV and Radio. This is his first book. Martin is also a quizzer, having been on a dozen TV quizzes (including Bullseye and The Chase, both of which he won). He lives in Horwich, near Bolton, UK, with his wife Michaela, who also loves music.