A deluxe double disc version of Rick Wakeman's grand conceptual release from 1975.
The album was re-mastered at Abbey Road and features a DVD featuring period Quad mixes.
Orchestras, ice and excess guaranteed!
1. Arthur 
2. Lady of the Lake 
3. Guinevere 
4. Sir Lancelot And the Black Knight 
5. Merlin the Magician 
6. Sir Galahad 
7. The Last Battle 
1. Arthur - Quad Version 
2. Lady of the Lake - Quad Version 
3. Guinevere - Quad Version 
4. Sir Lancelot And the Black Knight - Quad Version 
5. Merlin the Magician - Quad Version 
6. Sir Galahad - Quad Version 
7. The Last Battle - Quad Version


Rick Wakeman - synthesisers, keyboards, grand piano
Gary Pickford-Hopkins - lead vocals
Ashley Holt - lead vocals
Geoff Crampton - lead and acoustic guitars
Roger Newell - bass guitar
Barney James - drums
John Hodgson - percussion
The English Chamber Choir
Terry Taplin - narrator
Guy Protheroe - choirmaster
Paul Tregurtha - engineer
Jeremy Stenham - assistant engineer
David Katz - orchestral co-ordination
Wil Malone - orchestral arrangement
David Measham - conductor