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Artist: Porcupine Tree
Availability: 08-12-2023
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Porcupine_Tree Closure-Continuation_Live Boxset
Closure/Continuation Live documents Porcupine Tree’s triumphant return to the stage in 2022. 
Deluxe editon including 2CDs, 2 Blu-Ray discs and 60 page book in a slipcase.
Recorded at Amsterdam’s 17,000 capacity Ziggo Dome on November 7 2022, C/CL places the listener/viewer right at the heart of the stage for the duration of the show as psychotropic visuals explode behind the band as they play a superlative set of rapturously received songs.
The set includes tracks from comeback album Closure/Continuation plus classic PT pieces such as Trains, Fear of a Blank Planet and Anesthetize.
The Blu-Ray 1 features the full concert film, and bonus features, while Blu-Ray 2 includes Dolby Atmos surround sound, 5.1 Audio and 24 bit High Resolution Audio. 
We have 500 signed 8”x 8” art prints. These will be randomly assigned to orders, to ensure everyone has an equal chance of getting one.
1. Blackest Eyes
2. Harridan
3. Of the New Day
4. Rats Return
5. Even Less
6. Drown With Me 
7. Dignity
8. The Sound Of Muzak
9. Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled
10. Chimera’s Wreck
11. Fear of a Blank Planet
12. Buying New Soul
13. Walk The Plank
14. Sentimental
15. Herd Culling
16. Anesthetize
17. I Drive The Hearse
18. Sleep Together
19. Collapse the Light Into Earth
20. Halo
21. Trains