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Format: vinyl
Artist: Unitopia
CatNo: PLG083c
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Unitopia Artificial Coloured Vinyl
Unitopia’s Artificial available for the first time on the LP format.
Limited 180g orange vinyl edition of 100 copies featuring stunning artwork by Ed Unitsky (including imagery on both sides of the lyric insert). 
Comprising one long suite broken down into ten tracks, the album evokes the likes of Genesis, IQ, and Porcupine Tree.
Side One
Suffocation (1:40)
Artificial World (5:42)
Nothing Lasts Forever (5:36)
Tesla (13:39)
Side Two
Not Human Anymore (5:26)
Reflections (3:18)
The Power Of 3 (1:22)
Rule of 3’s (4:10)
Gone In The Blink Of An Eye (5:49)
The Great Reward (5:00)