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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Peter Culshaw
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Peter_Culshaw Music_From_The_Temple_Of_Light Vinyl
The fascinating and hypnotic Music From The Temple of Light is the first release from the new Iskra Records imprint from English writer/composer Peter Culshaw. It marks Culshaw's return to recording after a long and colourful career of chasing down international sounds as a music writer. 
Recorded mainly in Half Step Audio in Mumbai with some of the most vital contemporary Indian musicians including Paras Nath on bansuri flute and Chandana Bala Kalyan on enchanting vocals, the music is a haunting mix of East and West, ancient and modern, led by minimal tantric piano (objective, meditative music for a chaotic age!). Other tracks were recorded in pre-war Odesa.
Includes the 14 minute, three part The Fire and the Rose Suite.
Vinyl with insert.
1. Blue Flower 2:57
2. Sat Nam 2024 2:48
3. Himalaya Drone 2:29
4. The Fire and The Rose are One 2:52
5. In the Orient Cafê (with Erik) 2:06
6. Shiva In the Rain 2:30
7. The Lights are Different (the lamp's the same) 2:35
8. Night Country (Mayotte) 1:26
9. Calling Your Name 1:57
1. The Gardens of the West (are closing now) 2:58
2. Traherne 1:53
3. The Fire and the Rose Suite (Part 1) 6:30
4. The Fire and the Rose Suite (Part 2) 3:12
5. The Fire and the Rose Suite (Part 3) 4:51