Price: £20.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Landmarq
CatNo: PLGLIM002
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Landmarq Entertaining Angels vinyl
Double heavyweight vinyl in gatefold cover combining both the regular release and the bonus tracks from the special edition of Landmarq's outstanding 2012 studio release.
'The strongest album of the band's career...' - Nick Shilton, Prog
Side 1:
1. Entertaining Angels 8:31
2. Glowing I 4:05
3. Glowing II 8:12
4. Prayer (Coming Home) 5:38
Side 2:
1. Mountains of Anglia 8:56
2. Stormbrewing 2:09
3. Thunderstruck 13:23
Side 3:
1. Personal Universe 7:53
2. Turbulence (Paradigm Shift) 12:32
3. Timeline 5:54
Side 4:
1. Calm Before The Storm 16:11
 i Strange but Beautiful
 ii Spiderman
 iii From the Abyss
2. Walking On Eggshells 6:56
Produced by Mike Varty and Landmarq
Recording engineered by Steve Rispin at Liscombe Park Studio, Bucks, UK
Pre-production engineering by Mike Varty at Gargoyle Studio, Hampshire, UK
Mixed by Karl Groom and Mike Varty at Thin Ice Studio, Surrey, UK
Mastered by Mike Varty
Album cover artwork: Alan Winterflood
Booklet design concept & photos: Tracy Hitchings and Mike Varty
Layout and additional design: Steve Gee and Cheryl-Lee Foulsham
All arrangements by Landmarq
Backing vocals arranged by Tracy Hitchings
"Mountains of Anglia" arranged by Steve Gee, Tracy Hitchings, Steve Rispin and
"Personal Universe" arranged by Steve Gee, Tracy Hitchings