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Format: Vinyl
Artist: John Ellis
CatNo: HAI203
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John Ellis Microgroove vinyl
Authentic old vinyl alert!
Released in 1986, Microgrove is a 5 track 12″ vinyl EP from John Ellis (Peter Hammill, The Stranglers), containing all the pieces from two singles John originally released in 1980.
Featuring Van Der Graaf’s Guy Evans on drums and production by David Lord (Peter Gabriel, XTC etc), each record comes with a signed and numbered postcard of an original John Ellis illustration. 
Side 1:
1. Babies In Jars
2. Curve Of The Earth
Side 2:
1. Amazaface
2. Hit Man
3. Hollow Graham
Curve of the Earth and Amazaface:
Guy Evans - Drums and percussion
Neil Deamer - Bass
David Lord - Keyboards
Helen Kopp - Backing Vocals
Hit Man and Hollow Graham:
Richard Wernham - Drums and backing vocals
Ricki le Gair - Bass
Babies in Jars:
John Mackie - Drums
Alan Gruner - Bass and backing vocals
Daniel Kleinman - Guitar
Richard Attree - Keyboards