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Format: vinyl
Artist: Hello Leo
CatNo: PLG008
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Hello Leo Human Feel vinyl
A 1980s throwback album from gifted singer/songwriter/producer Chris Braide.
Intentionally styled on the sounds of New Musik, Buggles and other synth-pop outfits, but brought bang up to date with the introduction of vocals from Theophilus London.  Cathy Dennis also contributes.
Limited yellow vinyl edition.
Side 1:
Human Feel 4:49
Architects of Symmetry 4:03
This is the World 3:21
Pure 5:23
Side 2:
No One Out There 4:29
Widescreen 4:00
Let's Go Tokyo 3:49
Sparx 3:40
You Control Me 3:59
Human Feel - Reprise 0:48
All songs written by Chris Braide/Tony Braide except Human Feel, written by Chris Braide/Tony Braide/Theophilus London
All instruments and vocals by Chris Braide except: track 1 vocals by Theophilus London and Chris Braide; Track 9 background vocals by Cathy Dennis; and track 6 vocals by Apple Mac and Chris Braide