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Format: CD
Artist: Phil Manzanera and Lucho Brieva
CatNo: EXPCD27
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Corroncho Phil Manzanera and Lucho Brieva CD

Corroncho is a Spanish speaking album recorded by Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera and Colombian artist/sculptor, Lucho Brieva between 2003-2008. 

Concerning the adventures of two 'corroncho' characters, the album takes in salsa, Cumbia, Pop, Ballads and Chillout and features guest appearances from Robert Wyatt, Paul Thompson, Chrissie Hynde, Annie Lennox, Quimi Portet and Gilad Atzmon, as well as Aldo Lopez Gavilan, one of Cuba's top pianists.
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To coincide with the release of Corroncho Dos, Corroncho has been reduced to £5 while stocks last.


1. Lowrider
2. Complicada
3. Rosa
4. Para Ti Nengon
5. Suavecito
6. Angeles Y Lobos
7. Esta Vida Prestada
8. Cancion Para La Que Sea
9. Noche De Putas
10. Tu Juventud
11. Coyote
12. Diario