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Format: CD
Artist: Pendragon
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Pendragon The_Masquerade_Overture CD
2024 reissue of Pendragon's tour-de-force, The Masquerade Overture from 1996.
Selling over 90,000 copies, the album has become one of the key benchmarks of the contemporary Progressive Rock scene.
Includes the extra tracks Schizo and King Of The Castle, which haven't been available since 1997.
CD in jewel case with 20-page booklet illustrated by Simon Williams.
1. The Masquerade Overture
2. As Good As Gold
3. Paintbox
4. The Pursuit Of Excellence
5. Guardian Of My Soul
6. The Shadow
7. Masters Of Illusion
Bonus tracks
8. Schizo
9. King Of The Castle