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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Nosound
CatNo: KSCOPE996
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Nosound Sol29 double vinyl
The debut album from Nosound on vinyl for the first time with remastered audio and featuring three bonus tracks.
"The most underrated album by one of the most underrated artists in Progressive music, an incredibly subtle yet moving debut that lays the foundations for Nosound to reach every further height.” - Sputnik Music
Started as a one-man studio project in 2005 by multi-instrumentalist Giancarlo Erra before evolving into a full band, Nosound inventively combines influences from 1970s psychedelia, 1980s/1990s ambient, soundtracks, contemporary alternative and post-rock. 
This edition of Sol29 sees the album's first ever release on vinyl, remastered from the original audio. Presented as a double LP in gatefold packaging complete with the original 2005 artwork.
Orders through Burning Shed will receive an immediate download of single The Moment She Knew in FLAC and MP3, and a full album download on release date in FLAC and MP3. Both available in your account after purchase.


Side A
1. In The White Air [06:57]
2. Wearing Lies On Your Lips [04:20]
3. The Child`s Game [02:48]
Side B
1. The Moment She Knew [09:40]
2. Waves Of Time [02:10]
3. Overloaded [06:17]
Side A
1. The Broken Parts [06:29]
2. Idle End [09:48]
3. Hope For The Future [05:58]
Side B
1. Sol29 [10:02]
Bonus Tracks
2. Idae14 [03:24]
3. The Red Song [03:59]
4. The World Is Outside [05:16]