Price: £24.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Moon Safari
CatNo: BRLP001
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Moon_Safari Himlabacken_Vol_2 Double_vinyl

Moon Safari's illusive comeback album is finally here!

70 minutes of no nonsense Symphonic Prog bursting with vocal harmonies, explosive guitars, huge melodies and romantic lyrics.

180g double vinyl. Graphic design by Mattias Noren. Mixed and Mastered by Rich Mouser.

1. 198X (Heaven Hill) (3:55)
2. Between the Devil and Me (10:38)
3. Emma, Come On (3:19)
4. A Lifetime to Learn How to Love (8:28)
5. Beyond the Blue (2:12)
6. Blood Moon (5:44)
7. Teen Angel Meets the Apocalypse (21:03)
8. Forever, For You (10:08)
9. Epilog (3:22)