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Format: cd
Artist: Mike Keneally
CatNo: EXOWAX2301
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hat - Standard Edition Expanded Mike Keneally CD


Out of print for years, 'hat' has been remastered and music previously cut to fit a 1992 CD has now been restored. 
MK's debut as it should have been heard.


1. Your Quimby Dollars At Work
2. I Can't Stop
3. Ugly Town
4. Open Up!
5. Dhen Tin
6. Spearmint Pup
7. Fencing
8. Always Man
9. My Immense Superiority Over The Silverfish
10. Eno And The Actor
11. The Car Song
12. Heaven Likes You/Apple Pie
13. Backstage With Wilson Phillips
14. Here Is What I Dreamed
15. Here Is Why
16. Performing Miracles
17. Spoon Guy
18. And That's Why It's Called Spunk
19. Johnny One-Note/The Exciting New Toothpaste From Mars
20. Day Of The Cow 1
21. Snowcow
22. Day Of The Cow 2
23. We're Rockin' All Night With The Tangy Flavor Of Cheddar
24. Rosemary Girl
25. Lightnin' Roy