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Format: CD
Artist: Mike Keneally
CatNo: EX2403
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Nonkertompf Mike Keneally CD

Mike's seventh album is a very personal instrumental effort featuring MK playing everything, including guitars, keyboards, drums, sax, a stool and about a dozen other devices. 

Nonkertompf is a 74-minute stream-of-consciousness flight-of-fancy that takes the listener on an unparallelled sonic journey. 

1. What are you doing
2. Click
3. I just got here
4. Naked horse
5. Blue jean baby
6. The knife & drum
7. Paprika
8. Nine
9. Sunset over the paprika festival
10. Juzz
11. Chew
12. Show yourself
13. Don't hurt our paprika!
14. Clumpy clumpy o
15. Oh angel
16. The Boing-Ah steroid
17. On a glandular level
18. The blumpy hop
19. Draconian blump
20. Rake Bannuh's men
21. Odon
22. I love it here
23. Drumsticks
24. Oprah talks to teens
25. Hum
26. Rake's men hurt their back
27. Piezo clambake
28. Medic!
29. Hang tough
30. An understanding of my self as other
31. Self 'n' Other
32. O, stamp collector
33. Show more of yourself
34. Lights out, eyes open
35. What I have done