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Format: CD
Artist: Mick Karn
CatNo: IACD10708
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Mick Karn Bestial Cluster CD Japan

Mick Karn's 1993 studio release Bestial Cluster was produced by David Torn and features Torn and Karn alongside Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri.

Japanese CD edition in gatefold card sleeve with obi strip.

1. Bestial Cluster 4:11
2. Back In The Beginning 5:10
3. Beard In The Letterbox 7:06
4. The Drowning Dream 5:07
5. The Sad Velvet Breath Of Summer And Winter 5:47
6. Saday, Maday 6:28
7. Liver & Lungs 5:40
8. Bones Of Mud 5:36