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Format: CD
Artist: Mick Karn
CatNo: KSCOPE415
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Mick Karn Three Part Species cd
Kscope label digipak CD edition of the seventh solo album from Mick Karn.
Originally released on the MK Music label in 2006.
Elements of electronica, hiphop, jazz, world music and pop collide. Highlights include the Harold Budd-like piano/ambience of Floating Home and Chocolate Was A Boy, and the Middle Eastern drawl of Pitta Pop.  
An ideal introduction to Mick Karn's unique world of sound.
Includes three bonus tracks.
1. Of & About [6:25]
2. Twitchy Hand Mover [6:08]
3. Floating Home [3:43]
4. All You Have [6:05]
5. I'll Be Here, Dreaming [5:05]
6. Red Film [4:27]
7. Chocolate Was A Boy [4:09]
8. Pitta Pop [4:13]
9. The Wrong Truth [5:45]
10. Regretted [5:21]
Bonus Tracks:
11. Of & About (Single Version) [4:40]
12. All You Have (Single Version) [5:37]
13. The Edge Of Charm [4:17]