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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Enid
CatNo: SMALP1019
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Invicta The Enid Vinyl


Invicta is the third release in the Madfish label Enid reissue series. 
Originally released in 2012, the album maintains The Enid's tradition for narrative and builds upon musical motifs from its 2010 predecessor, Journey's End. From the immense choral arrangements of The Whispering (featuring over 200 vocal layers) to the hauntingly beautiful One And The Many, Invicta is another immense achievement for this most unique of bands.
This 180g heavyweight double vinyl release is presented in a gatefold and features an exclusive etching on side 4. 
"The quintessentially English Prog group." - Tim Jones, Record Collector Magazine
"The most majestic rock band of all time" - Band On The Wall


Side 1:
1. Anthropy (1:04)
2. One And The Many (10:22)
3. Who Created Me? (5:39)
4. Execution Mob (4:06)
Side 2:
1. Witch Hunt (6:36)
2. Heaven's Gate (9:09)
Side 3:
1. Leviticus (6:03)
2. Villain Of Science (5:03)
3. The Whispering (4:22)
Side 4:
1. Etching