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Format: CD
Artist: Nirvana
CatNo: SMACD1196
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Nirvana Secrets CD Madfish
Previously thought long lost, the original tapes for Secrets were found in 2020 by Nirvana’s own Patrick Campbell-Lyons who, along with fellow musical partner, Alex Spyropoulos, sequenced and remastered the album for release within the sold-out Songlife box set, issued via Madfish in 2021.
Mid-price CD edition.
Nirvana sit comfortably with other great artists of the 1960s - the Zombies, The Kinks and the Pretty Things included - and whilst being most most famous for the psychedelic classic Rainbow Chaser, as the music contained here displays, there was so much more to the band than just that celebrated single.
Nirvana reached far and wide into the musical stratosphere with a technicolour vision. 
1. Secrets (Intro)
2. I Don't Care
3. Someone Stole My Mona Lisa
4. Bingo Boy
5. Living In A Blind Spot
6. It's Good To Have A Heart
7. In The Shadow Of That Old Love Affair
8. I Want To Touch / The Big Fight
9. Two Of A Kind
10. Why Don't You Like Me
11. Secrets (Reprise)
12. What You Do You Are
13. Freedom Chaser