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Format: CD
Artist: Marvin Ayres
CatNo: bshed0405
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Scape Marvin Ayres cd
Recorded at the illustrious Air Edel Sudios, the project started out as a series of string-driven pieces, provisionally entitled 'Clusters'. In collaboration with its director, Marvin adapted several of these non-rhythmic soundscapes for use in the film 'Scape' (part of 'Sensory').
Subsequently deciding to input a percussive element (pursuing an 'anti-pulse' approach), a series of radical remixes based on the material emerged.
Fusing orthodox and off-kilter beats with city-scape cacophony, yet remaining defiantly ambient in its approach, Scape is a hybrid of music specifically developed for the DVD film 'Scape' and Marvin Ayres unique take on the art of the remix.
The CD is housed in a full colour card pochette.
'Marvin Ayres offers a new experience, not only to the ear, but also to the eye.' Eclipsed
'A landscape recognizable yet alien - a visual rhythmic structure matched by the pulsing processed violin and picked arpeggios of Ayres' excellent and varied accompanying soundscape.'  Grave Concerns
1 Scape - voco pluck 
2 Scape - rainy jazz
3 Scape - pitch bit
4 Scape - cant dance
5 Scape - ambient drum
6 Scape - rule change no.17
7 Scape - bit hop
8 Scape - R.M
9 Scape - first e
10 Clusters -11
11 Clusters -10
12 Clusters -09
13 Clusters- 08
14 Clusters- 07
15 Clusters- 06
16 Clusters- 05
17 Clusters- 04
18 Clusters- 03
19 Clusters- 02
20 Clusters- 01