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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Radicant
CatNo: KSCOPE1058
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The_Radicant We_Ascend Vinyl Anathema
The Radicant’s debut EP We Ascend showcases the uniquely expressive gifts that Vincent Cavanagh honed over 11 albums with Anathema
From the propulsive drum and bass rhythms of Zero Blue to the cinematic electronica of Stowaway, the music spans a wide cinematic, sonic spectrum. 
Produced by Cavanagh with critically acclaimed French producer Ténèbre, mastering was by Sam John.
The Radicant embodies Vincent Cavanagh’s artistic philosophy. Inspired by a term used in botany and by art curator Nicolas Bourriaud, "radicant" describes organisms that create their roots gradually as they advance, allowing species to mobilize, adapt, and grow on any surface. 
Black vinyl with printed inner sleeve. 
1. We Ascend [5:44] 
2. Zero Blue (NSS Mix) [3:19] 
3. Anchor [3:39] 
1. Wide Steppe [6:17] 
2. Stowaway [4:37