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Format: CD
Artist: Jonathan Hultén
CatNo: KSCOPE667
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Jonathan Hulten Chants From Another Place CD
Debut album from the enigmatic Swedish Grammy-winning songwriter Jonathan Hultén – Chants From Another Place.
CD in digipack on reverse board with a 16 page art booklet printed on offset paper.
Jonathan Hultén’s inspiration is drawn from a capella folk and church choir compositions, alongside classic artists such as Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes, Bert Jansch and John Martyn, and contemporaries including Anna Ternheim, Chelsea Wolfe and Hexvessel.
Recorded solely by Hultén in his studio in Stockholm, Sweden, the twelve compositions that make up Chants From Another Place were mixed by Ola Ersfjord from Cuervo Recording Service in Madrid, Spain.
The cover art is a self-penned portrait, reflecting the melancholy found within the songs on the album and an insight into Hultén’s unique persona.
Hultén says that: “Chants From Another Place will thematically take you through landscapes of ecstasy, passing mountains of death and rebirth, sailing seas of adventure, traversing wastelands of despair and forests of myth. It is an inward journey and only time can tell which places will be visited under its duration. It is a tale of spiritual death and rebirth.”


1. A Dance In The Road [04:18]
2. The Mountain [03:51]
3. Next Big Day [03:09]
4. The Call To Adventure [04:39]
5. Wasteland [03:12]
6. Outskirts [02:27]
7. Holy Woods [02:52]
8. Where Devils Weep [03:19]
9. The Fleeting World [02:43]
10. Ostbjorka Brudlat [03:07]
11. The Roses [04:14]
12. Deep Night [02:50]