Lunatic Soul II is the second solo album from Riverside's lead singer and creative force, Mariusz Duda.
The album follows on from the original Lunatic Soul album, which was released on Kscope to critical acclaim in 2008.
Duda has described the project as a double album divided into two single ones by the period of two years' anticipation.
Praise for Lunatic Soul I:
'Beautiful, kaleidoscopic and at times breathtakingly forlorn... brilliant.' - Metal Hammer (UK)
Top albums of 2008, #6 Eclipsed (Germany)
'An excellent release, worthy to stand alongside anything in the Riverside catalogue.' Progression (USA)
1. The In-Between Kingdom
2. Otherwhere
3. Suspended In Whiteness
4. Asoulum
5. Limbo
6. Escape from ParadIce
7. Transition
8. Gravestone Hill
9. Wanderings