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Artist: Jon Gomm
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Jon Gomm The Faintest Idea 2CD_DVD Limited
Acoustic guitar virtuoso Jon Gomm combines deep emotions with immense melodic pop landscapes on his 2020 album The Faintest Idea.
A pioneer of the contemporary fingerstyle sound, Jon Gomm has a rare gift for turning his instrument into what sounds like an entire orchestra.
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Limited 2CD/DVD earbook
The Blackpool-born singer-songwriter’s 2003 home-recorded debut, Hypertension, was nothing short of a musical revelation: drumming beats, tapping chords and striking harmonics on his acoustic underneath that warm, soulful voice. Things changed for Jon when landmark single Passionflower racked up millions of views on YouTube and other media platforms in 2012 – with British legend Stephen Fry describing him on mainstream television as someone “playing the guitar in a way I’d never seen it played before” and “an all-round genius”. Follow up album Secrets Nobody Keeps arrived in 2013, further cementing his stature as one of the driving forces behind an acoustic revolution – but now, having signed a label deal for the very first time in his career, he’s managed to truly refine the pop sensibilities and emotive expression within that unmistakable wall of sound.
The Faintest Idea’s title is based on the notion that all of us, to some extent, are just The Faintest Idea, “It’s an enigmatic title,” smiles Gomm. “There’s a fine line between a metaphor and a pun, so I guess it dances on that” and explores the contrasts between the warmth of Gomm’s acoustic articulation with more icy affairs, thanks to the synth parts and production work from Australian musician Andy Sorenson, together they have created a contemporary masterpiece.
Often cited as one of the most naturally gifted acoustic artists of the modern age, Gomm drew inspiration from his own experiences over the last few years. And while there have been moments of joyous celebration, by his own admission there has also been plenty of personal upheaval: “This album has been a long time coming,” he reflects. “I tend to write in a really painstaking way. The last few years of my life have involved a lot of personal trauma – from me and my wife losing a pregnancy, through to losing other people in my life.”
The album is complemented by the delicate hand drawn pen and ink cover art created by Lee Zimmerman.
Jon Gomm has confirmed an extensive UK & Eire headline tour from Dec 2020 – March 2021– see for details
1. Deep Sea Fishes [05:27]
2. Cocoon [04:08]
3. Dream Factories [04:52]
4. Tempest [04:35]
5. The Ghost Inside You [04:59]
6. Universal Biology [06:52]
7. Song For A Rainy Day [03:30]
8. Check You're Still Breathing [03:30]
9. Butterfly Hurricane [05:28]
10. Swallow You Whole [06:14]
11. Until The Sun Destroys The Earth [04:35]
1. Deep Sea Fishes (Naked Artist Mix) [05:30]
2 Cocoon (Naked Artist Mix) [04:07]
3. Dream Factories (Naked Artist Mix) [04:54]
4. Tempest (Naked Artist Mix) [04:30]
5. The Ghost Inside You (Naked Artist Mix) [05:02]
6. Universal Biology (Naked Artist Mix) [06:33]
7. Song For A Rainy Day (Naked Artist Mix) [03:25]
8. Check You're Still Breathing (Naked Artist Mix)  [03:31]
9. Butterfly Hurricane (Naked Artist Mix) [05:26]
10. Swallow You Whole (Naked Artist Mix) [06:15]
11. Until The Sun Destroys The Earth (Naked Artist Mix) [04:34]
12. Passionflower (Naked Artist Mix) [06:49]
6 exclusive performances filmed in a medieval church, guitar technique presentations,  a 35 minute Jon Gomm interview, song description videos and The Faintest Idea in high resolution stereo audio