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Format: cd
Artist: Pat Mastelotto
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Recidivate King Crimson Pat Mastelotto KC 2CD
A two-disc set documenting King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto's ongoing love affair with the recording studio. 
The 42 track 'Recidivate' contains many unreleased pieces and remixes from Pat's work with Steven Wilson, Robert Fripp, Tony Levin, Trey Gunn and more. 
Split into two discs ('Traps' and 'Buttons'), 'Recidivate' is an excellent introduction to Pat's unique brand of Rock Electronica, IDM and World Music.
CD 1 - Traps:
1.  Salvaging Remix Mash - Steven Wilson
Mash-up of three unreleased remixes PM did for Insurgentes, featuring Roine and Jonas from The Flower Kings
2.  Faster Than An... - Naked Truth
A track from the recent Naked Truth release Shizaru showcasing Mastelotto's jazzier side with trumpet player Cuong Vu (David Bowie, Pat Metheny), bass player Lorenzo Feliciati and keyboardist Roy Powell
3. Jacarando by Ktu
A single edit from Ktu album Quiver featuring Trey Gunn, accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen and Mastelotto
4.  Black Well Monotony - Tuner
Edited version from the second Tuner release, Pole (voted one of Modern Drummer's Top 50 all-time greatest progressive rock records)
5.  Queen - MPTU
Austin-based blues-meets-prog project featuring Malford Milligan, Mark Andes (Spirit, Heart), Phil Brown and Mastelotto
6.  Dig - Tuner
Hyper edit from second Tuner release, Pole, featuring Sirenee on vocals
7.  Hands Part 1 - Stick Men
High speed instrumental track featuring dueling stick men Tony Levin and Mike Bernier
8.  Alpha & Omega - Tovah
A track from the impossible to find Escapologist album by German singer Tovah
9.  Kataklasm - Ktu
Opening track from the album Quiver, mixed by Steven Wilson
10.  Green Manalishi & Fred - MPTU
Previously mentioned blues-meets-prog project doing a hybrid cover of Green Manalishi (Peter Green) and Fred (Alan Holdsworth)
11.  XTCU2 - Tu
Instrumental track from debut Tu album recorded in drummer Matt Chamberlain's loft . .. on Matt's drums!
12.  Makes No Sense At All - Peter Kingsbery
A track from French chart topper Peter Kingsbery's first solo album, A Different Man, which was co-produced by Mastelotto.  Cock Robin's Clive Wright and John Pierce also appear on this song
13.  Melrose Ave. - CG3+2
A song from the California guitar trio with Tony Levin and Mastelotto
14.  7Teen - Mastica
Vocal tracks from Mastelotto's '90s garage-pop band Mastica.  Mixed by Mike McCarthy (Spoon, Fastball)
15.  Optikus - Ktu
Recorded live in Japan by the four-man version of Ktu: Samuli Kosminen, Kimmo Pohjonen, Trey Gunn and Mastelotto
16.  Leviathian - Michael Bernier
A track from multi-instrumentalist Michael Bernier's first solo album, Leviathan
17.  Face (Teaser) - Tuner
An eight-minute teaser from Tuner's upcoming album, Face
18.  Escapologist - Tovah
The title track from the hard-to-find Tovah album
19.  Pole - Tuner
Title track from the second Tuner album; also features Cock Robin singer Peter Kingsbery
20.  Soup - Stick Men
The hit song by Stick Men
21.  Abandoner Remix 1 - Steven Wilson
An unreleased remix Mastelotto did for Steven Wilson's first solo album.  Features Bert Lams from the California Guitar Trio, guitarist Markus Reuter, trumpet by John Swana, Piano and Choir by Peter Kingsbery and spoken word from Steven Wilson
CD 2 - Buttons:
1.  Adamantine - Bill Forth
An ambient track from Bill Forth's album of the same name
2.  Fandango Zone - Tu
A live and studio mash-up featuring Iranian singer Azam Ali and Butch (The Eels)
3.  Annunciation of An Angel - Tunisia
Mastelotto's duo with Theremin player virtuoso Pamelia Kurstin
4.  Nano - Ktu
The delicate side of Ktu, the trio featuring Mastelotto, Trey Gunn and Kimmo Pohjonen
5.  Abandoner Mix 2 - Steven Wilson
A previously unreleased remix from Steven Wilson's Insurgentes featuring Markus Reuter, Adrian Benavides and Mastelotto
6.  Pomegranate - Stick Men
An instrumental from the most recent Stick Men EP, Absolom
7.  Flinch - Tuner
A laptop electronica track from the first Tuner album, Totem
8.  Parallax Distortion with Bomo Wood - BPBoMo
BPM&M with Tony Levin and Robert Fripp mashed with a percussion duet from Terry Bozzio and Mastelotto's BOMO album
9.  The Irresistible Blowtorch - BPM&M
The first composition from Mastelotto's BPM&M record featuring Cenk Eroglu and Robert Fripp
10.  Dervish - Reuter/Boddy
A slab of electronica from the Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter album Dervish
11.  Angst - Reuter/Boddy
An equally impressive track from the Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter album Dervish
12.  Kill The Road - Samuel Hällkvist
Pre-mix basic track teaser from the upcoming Loud Music album by Swedish guitar wonder Samuel Hallkvist
13.  Brutal Ecstasy (with this Fuzzbox) - BPM&M
A track from Mastelotto's BPM&M record that was made using extracts and outtakes from various King Crimson projects intertwined w the Voice of Robert Fripp
14.  Side Window - ProjecKt X
A slice from ProjecKt X (Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, Trey Gunn and Mastelotto) created during the making of King Crimson's The ConstruKction of Light
15.  Sitting on the Bank - Tu
Improvised live in Yekaterinburg, Russia with Trey Gunn and Mastelotto
16.  Hush by Mastica
Instrumental track from Austin garage pop band Mastica, cellos & clarinets by Gumby & Monkey
17.He Stood in the Rain - Quodia
A track from the Quodia spoken word project with Trey Gunn and Joe Mendelson
18.  Ex Uno Plures - BPMCrim
An audio nugget from King Crimson rehearsal with T. Lev in September 2004 cut and pasted by BPM&M into this form
19.  Cracker Barrel - BPM&M
Outtakes from a ProjeKct Four (Fripp, Levin, Gunn, Mastelotto) rehearsal with a little slice, disc and spice from BPM&M
20.  The Use of Black - Tunisia
A fan favorite from Tunisia, Mastelotto's duo with Pamelia Kurstin.
21.  Sabre Dance - Rad Dance
From the Rad Dance ProjeKct with Robert Fripp's soundscapes and David Singleton on synthbass