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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Isildurs Bane
CatNo: IRLP001
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Isildurs Bane Sagan om den Irlandska algen vinyl
Recorded 1982-1983 and released in 1984, Isildur's Bane's debut album features a variety of compositions, ranging from beautiful Symphonic Rock with complex keyboard/guitar interplay to mellow flute-driven folk inspired passages.
Please note that these copies are the original pressings and have been in storage for many years. The outer sleeves might not be in perfect condition
1. Overtyr (5:10)
2. Saga eller verklighet (4:45)
3. Ove P. (3:55)
4. Sex minuter (4:05)
1. En vilja att leva (5:30)
2. Evighetens visdom (5:00)
3. Marlboro blues (4:20) 
4. Fredrik (4:10)