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Format: cd
Artist: Martin Springett
CatNo: HST468CD
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Martin Springett The Gardening Club Progressive CD

A lost - Canterbury and Genesis flavoured - Prog gem from 1983, The Gardening Club was the debut album by illustrator Martin Springett.

Containing 12 string guitars and flutes galore alongside the clean sheen of a typical 1980s production.

Includes five bonus studio tracks.

Midnight Road 
Molehole Blues 
The Traveller
The Garden
Three Days at Brighton 
The Stone That Speaks
Endersby's Ride in 3 Parts 
Aeiral Adventures 
Endersby Meets The Chef 
Nirvana Isn’t 
Bonus Tracks
After The Glow 
Upside Down Blackbird 
When You Live This Way 
New York Moon 
The Riddle Overture