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Another Time, Another Place (Japanese)
Artist: Bryan Ferry
Format: cd

Japanese 1988 reissue of the second solo album from Bryan Ferry, originally released in 1974. Lik..
Journey To Inaccessible Places And Other Music
Artist: G. I. Gurdjieff, Thomas de Hartmann & Elan Sicroff
Format: cd

A rare curio produced by Robert Fripp and Tony Arnold. Recorded in 1985, released i..
Ambient 1: Music For Airports
Artist: Brian Eno
Format: vinyl

1982 UK reissue of Brian Eno's pioneering Ambient album from 1978. Please note this copy has ..
Ambient 4: On Land
Artist: Brian Eno
Format: vinyl

US 1982 reissue vinyl edition of Brian Eno's Ambient 4 from 1982, featuring contributions from Mi..
Apollo: Atmospheres And Soundtracks
Artist: Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno
Format: vinyl

Originally conceived as a soundtrack for a documentary about the Apollo moon missions, alongside ..
Let's Be Adult (W/L)
Artist: Arto Lindsay / Ambitious Lovers
Format: vinyl

12" Promo of two tracks from the 1984 Envy album. Vinyl in generic white sleeve. Titles and t..
Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
Artist: Brian Eno
Format: vinyl

Released in November 1974, Taking Tiger Mountain picks up stylistically where its trailblazing pr..
Pictures (promo)
Artist: Pictures
Format: vinyl

Experimental synth-pop from the members of Freeez, Andy Stennett and John Rocca. 1983 UK original..
K-Scope (Jem promo)
Artist: Phil Manzanera
Format: vinyl

A vibrant fusion of Art Pop and quirky instrumentals with an inspired guest list.   ..
Artist: Quiet Sun
Format: vinyl

Quiet Sun was Phil Manzanera's pre-Roxy Music project, alongside Bill MacCormick (Matching Mole /..
Motor Bikin' 7" (Sample)
Artist: Chris Spedding
Format: vinyl

Extremely rare Australian sample version of the 7" single Motor Bikin' by Chris Spedding which wa..
Get Outa My Pagoda 7"
Artist: Chris Spedding
Format: vinyl

Original 7" single taken from Chris Spedding's 1977 album Hurt. Please note some of the sleev..
Music For A Found Harmonium 7"
Artist: Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Format: vinyl

7" featuring the tracks Music For A Found Harmonium taken from the album Broadcasting From Home a..
Rule Britannia 7"
Artist: Suzi Pinns
Format: vinyl

7" single taken from the soundtrack to the film Jubilee. Original 1978 edition. Sold as ..
Glenn Miller Is Missing 7"
Artist: Rock Follies
Format: vinyl

7" single taken from the soundtrack album to the TV series Rock Follies. Produced by Andy Mackay...
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