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Format: CD
Artist: Charley Patton
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Charley Patton Hang It On The Wall CD

This selection from Snapper works as a single-disc introduction to Patton, and it contains his best-known songs like "Pony Blues," the two-part "High Water Everywhere," "Mississippi Boweavil Blues," "Down the Dirt Road Blues," "High Sheriff Blues," and "Revenue Man Blues."

CD in digipack

1 Tom Rushen Blues
2 Pony Blues
3 Hammer Blues
4 Pea Vine Blues
5 Frankie And Albert
6 High Water Everywhere Pt.1
7 High Water Everywhere Pt.2
8 Poor Me
9 Mississippi Boweavil Blues
10 34 Blues
11 A Spoonful Blues
12 Hang It On The Wall
13 Down The Dirt Road Blues
14 High Sheriff Blues
15 Love My Stuff
16 Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues
17 Revenue Man Blues
18 Jersey Bull Blues
19 Prayer Of Death Pt.1
20 Prayer Of Death Pt.2