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Format: cd/blu-ray
Artist: Brand X
CatNo: BS_6716_CDBR
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Brand X Live From The Rites of Spring Surround Blu-Ray
Brand X Live From The Rites of Spring Festival 2018 is the band’s first-ever official blu-ray (all regions) release.  
Beautifully mixed and edited by Stephen W. Tayler, the blu-ray includes 48\24 LPCM Stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1.
A stereo mix CD is also included.
"It's like having Brand X play in your living room." - Sid Smith


1. Nightmare Patrol 
2. Disco Suicide
3. Not Good Enough
4. Born Ugly
5. Noddy goes to Sweden
6. Why should I lend you Mine
7. Maybe I’ll lend you mine Anyway
8. Cambodia
9. Malaga Virgen