An evocative 90 minute DVD filmed in two locations in Holland in 2005.
The main programme of approximately one hour of concert footage from Nijmegen is accompanied by a further half-hour of backstage footage and bonus tracks performed in Maastricht. 
Neither Rock, nor Jazz, the Bruford/Borstlap partnership believed in a music without boundaries or safety nets, and their instant compositions resonated with happy coincidence, brilliant technique, human accident, unforced error, missed chances, astonishing good luck and hidden intentions.
Main programme from Nijmegen:
1. Prologue (11:04)
2. Game of Chess (15:38)
3. Conception (4:16)
4. Camilla (5:29)
5. Two Left Shoes (7:21)
6. Mister B.B. (6:48)
7. Arabian Quest (6:42)
Bonus tracks from Maastricht:
8. Happenstance
9. Peacock Strut
10. Sintar Klaas is Boos
11. 'Round Midnight
Plus backstage footage.
- Bill Bruford / drums
- Michiel Borstlap / keyboards