The Stone And Steel blu-ray documents Big Big Train's return to live performance after many years as a writing and recording band. 
Featuring performances of nine songs recorded live at Real World studios in August 2014 and four songs recorded live at the band's London gigs in August 2015, the blu-ray also includes interview and documentary footage. 
All live performances are presented in 5.1 and stereo and the blu-ray comes with a 64 page booklet.
<b>This edition is probably not suitable for fans in NTSC areas. A new edition in July 2016 will overcome this issue and it is probably best to wait until we advise the new edition is shipping before ordering.</b>
Directed and Edited by Peter Callow
Sound and Mix by Rob Aubrey
Live at Real World, Box, Wiltshire, August 2014:
Setting Up
The First Rebreather
Master James Of St George
Organ Failure
Judas Unrepentant
Brass & Brunel
The Underfall Yard
Lacewings & Ladybirds
Uncle Jack
Wind Distorted Pioneers
Guitar Talk
Victorian Brickwork
Summoned By Bells
Summing Up
Live At King's Place, London, August 2015:
Curator Of Butterflies
Victorian Brickwork
East Coast Racer
Wassail Drum Session
Master James Drum Cam
Rikard's Real World
Running time approximately three hours.