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Format: CD
Artist: Ring Van Möbius
CatNo: ARP040CD
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Ring Van Mobius The 3rd Majesty CD
A Hammond-driven progressive pearl - which could just as easily have been released in 1971 as in 2020 - Ring Van Möbius's epic The 3rd Majesty includes lengthy opuses galore.
Incorporating instruments such as tubular bells, theremin, a string quartet, timpani, modular synthesizers, Hammond organ, and Fender Rhodes, the album combines 1960s/1970s arrangements and recording techniques with the band's own touch of contemporary creative madness.
1.The Seven Movements Of The Third Majesty (22:06)
    a.) Universal
    b.) Spectrum
    c.) Reaction
    d.) Bilateral
    e.) Zenith
    f.) Strife of The Icons
    g.) Altitude Over Azimuth
2. Illuminati (05:33)
3. Distant Sphere (11:11)
4. The Möbius Ring (09:01)