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Format: Vinyl
Artist: OU
CatNo: 19439956621
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OU One Vinyl
The debut release from Chinese Progressive Metal quartet OU (pronunciation: “O”).
A thrilling blend of the familiar and the unique.
180g black vinyl in gatefold sleeve.
Formed by drummer and songwriter Anthony Vanacore, who moved to the region more than eight years ago, the idea behind OU came from each member having a long history of playing in local house bands and seeking new challenges in their growth as musicians. Vanacore would go on to recruit talented guitarist and fellow house band veteran Zhang Jing, as well as highly sought-after bassist Chris Cui, with the three of them laying the initial groundwork for the song structure and creative approach. 
In seeking a lead singer, the group tried out vocalists by presenting them with the instrumental notes (either played on a MIDI or the rough instrumentals) and inviting performers to interpret their own vocal melodies and lyrics. What far exceeded their expectations is the quality of talent that would ultimately lend itself to the finished product. OU recruited highly talented singer Lynn Wu to front the project, who would bring with her a rich blend of raspy, blues-esque posture counterbalanced brilliantly with powerful, soaring delivery. As Vanacore elaborates on, the contributions from Wu add a whole new dimension to the dynamics of these songs. 
On their debut, OU set out with only one clear goal in mind, and that was to make certain that every song had its own unique identity. Drummer and songwriter Anthony Vanacore explains: “I really wanted the record to be dynamic. We wanted each song to have its own voice, and at the same time not draw on and do unnecessary filler.” 
1. Travel  5:54 
2. Farewell 4:12 
3. Mountain 4:18 
4. Ghost 3:34 
1 Euphoria 7:19 
2 Prejudice 4:31 
3 Dark 7:17 
4 Light 4:05