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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Kaipa
Availability: 28-06-2024
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Kaipa Sommargryningsljus 2LP Hans_Lundin Jonas_Reingold
Acting as a metaphor for the state between death and rebirth, Kaipa's ambitious 15th studio album - Sommargryningsljus (Summer Dawn Light) - contains eight tracks portraying a nocturnal journey from dusk until dawn. 
Featuring a line-up Hans LundinPer NilssonJonas ReingoldDarby ToddPatrik Lundström and Aleena Gibson, Sommargryningsljus is a stellar addition to Kaipa’s 51 year legacy.
180g double vinyl in gatefold sleeve with bonus track.
1. Sommarskymningsljus 1:30 
2. Seven Birds 9:50 
3. Like Thousand Dawns 11:08 
1. Revelationview 9:28 
2. Chased by Wolves And Burned by The Sun 10:17 
1. Spiderweb Train 15:29 
1. Songs in Our Hands 13:00 
2. Sommargryningsljus 3:58 
3. Sommargryningsljus (Single Edit) 5:24