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Format: boxset
Artist: Zee
Availability: 24-05-2019
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Zee Identity Signed Pink Floyd Richard Wright Boxset
Signed (by Dave Harris) and numbered Identity deluxe box set. 
Includes remastered CD with bonus tracks, CD of unreleased mixes and demos, reproduction A4 lyric book and reproduction promotional 10″ × 8″ photos.
One of the most intriguing Pop music partnerships of the 1980s makes its return. 
In 1982, Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright unexpectedly joined forces with Dave (formerly Dee) Harris, the former singer and guitarist with electro-funk band Fashion. 
Identity recorded at Wright’s home studio and Utopia Studios in North London in 1982 / 1983 and extensively utilises the then innovative Fairlight Computer sampler.
1. Confusion
2. Voices
3. Private Person
4. Strange Rhythm
5. Cuts Like A Diamond
6. By Touching
7. How Do You Do It
8. Seems We Were Dreaming
bonus tracks
9. Confusion 7" edit
10. Eyes of a Gypsy 7"
11. Confusion 12" re-mix
12. Eyes of a Gypsy 12"re-mix
1. Cuts Like a Diamond (early mix / demo)
2. Private Person (early mix / demo) 
3. Strange Rythm (early mix / demo) 
4. Voices (early mix / demo) 
5. Confusion (early mix / demo)