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Format: cd
Artist: Yoshi Hampl
CatNo: UR010CD
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Yoshi Hampl Water Dealer Markus Reuter Fabio Trentini Unsung cd
Alongside co-producer Markus Reuter, multi-instrumentalist Yoshi Hampl has created a powerfully percussive and energetic album that recalls aspects of  Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Talking Heads and the two mighty Kings, Crimson and Tubby. 
The 10 songs and 2 instrumentals on Water Dealer are the results of intensive sessions in Yoshi's in-house studio and exhibit the supreme virtuosity and natural invention associated with this Tyrolean composer.
1. waterside 5:26
2. daisy 3:11
3. touch a chord 4:11
4. almond eyes 4:55
5. water dealer 5:12
6. car key 7:23
7. billakunde 3:16
8. soul seduction 4:32
9. golstin & motin 4:35
10. conscience 4:05
11. funky cherry 3:55
12. tributary 8:40
written and performed by yoshi hampl
mixed by fabio trentini and markus reuter
mastered by christoph amann
produced by markus reuter and yoshi hampl