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Format: vinyl
Artist: Yes
CatNo: 0603497852147
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Yes Yes 50 Live Roger Dean Vinyl
Yes celebrated its 50th anniversary over 2019 with an extensive tour. 50 Live - with exquisite Roger Dean artwork - features music from the tour including classics such as Close To The Edge, Awaken and Starship Trooper, and lesser known gems like Madrigal, The Ancient and Soon.
Quadruple vinyl with 8-page booklet that includes photographs from the tour taken by the Gottlieb Brothers.
Side One:
1 “Close To The Edge”
(i)        “The Solid Time Of Change”
(ii)       “Total Mass Retain”
(iii)      “I Get Up I Get Down”
(iv)       “Seasons Of Man”
Side Two:
1 “Nine Voices (Longwalker)”
2 “Sweet Dreams”
3 “Madrigal”
4 “We Can Fly From Here, Part 1”
Side Three:
1 “Soon” 
Side Four:
1 “Awaken”
Side Five:
1 “Parallels”
2 “Excerpt From The Ancient”
Side Six:
1 “Yours Is No Disgrace”
2 “Excerpt From Georgia’s Song And Mood For A Day”
Side Seven:
1  “Roundabout”
2  “Starship Trooper”
a.  “Life Seeker”
b.  “Disillusion”
c.  “Wurm”