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Artist: Yello
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Yello Point CD Dieter Meier Boris Blank
Undeniably unique and inspirational to generations of music fans, Yello returns with 2020’s extraordinary Point (the duo’s first album for four years). 
Dieter Meier and Boris Blank could have sprung from the drawing board of Tin Tin-inventor Hergé. One, madcap sound professor Blank, dreams up a ceaseless stream of music which plunges the other, globetrotting gentleman adventurer Meier, into a frenzy of Dadaist story-telling. One, Blank, is happiest alone in the studio with his music. The other, Meier, is a citizen of the world who rarely stands still long enough to say hello to his shadow. Meier and Blank have made music together for forty years. In all this time they have not grown a day older or – heaven forbid! – a jot more sensible.
Point was created in exactly the same way as the previous thirteen Yello albums and hits like Oh Yeah, The Race or The Rhythm Divine. "I like to compare our music with paintings,“ says Blank. “I constantly paint new sound worlds in the studio.” Drawing from a library of countless beats, melody fragments and instrumental parts, Blank arranges and rearranges these in ever subtler combinations. “Once I have collected sixty or seventy new tracks, I ask myself: which of these should we send to the exhibition? Which of these would go nicely together on an album?”
1 Waba Duba
2 The Vanishing Of Peter Strong
3 Way Down
4 Out Of Sight
5 Arthur Spark
6 Big boy’s blues
7 Basic Avenue
8 Core shift
9 Spinning my mind
10 Hot pan
11 Rush For Joe
12 Siren Singing