Price: £23.49
Format: Vinyl/CD
Artist: XTC
This product has a maximum quantity of 2
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XTC 3D_EP CD_10inch_vinyl_bundle Andy_Partridge

A bundle of the CD and Eco-Jazz* 10" vinyl versions of the 3D EP by XTC.

The 10” vinyl edition is an Ape House/Burning Shed exclusive, limited to 1977 copies worldwide.

Limited to 2 per person.


Eco-Jazz vinyl pressings are made from 100% recycled PVC guaranteeing a huge reduction in carbon emissions and offering a truly sustainable alternative.  The Eco-Jazz granulate is sourced completely in-house, so raw material quality and provenance are assured. With no audio quality compromise to that of a conventional coloured vinyl and with the added intrigue that every pressing is one of a kind colour.
1. Science Friction
2. She’s So Square
3. Dance Band
1. Science Friction
1. She’s So Square
2. Dance Band