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Format: CD-R
Artist: William D Drake
CatNo: BS_152_CD-r
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cd-r William D Drake
Cardiacs member Drake, assisted by Tim Smith, Terry Pitt and Jo Spratley, makes a winning case for himself as the ultimate 21st Century English eccentric.
Harmoniums, trumpets and arcane vocal harmonies inform an enchanted musical landscape littered with references to Barrett, Ayers, Lennon, English Music Hall and Baroque Classical.
Madder and more beautiful than a box of hair and then some.
1) ivy dun
2) lists of clay
3) fiery pyre 
4) packman 
5) sky in your lap
6) love in an overcoat
7) the great adventurer
8) old care
9) dragonfly
10) miaow
11) airly beacon
12) good to be meek
13) the paradox
14) poor john
15) the perfect crime
16) quivvyvivvy
17) freedom and love
william d drake - harmonium, piano, other keyboard things, sings
terry pitt - trumpet, sings
tim smith - bass, sings
jo spratley - sings
produced by tim smith
recorded in and outdoors, during a time no-one can remember.