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Format: Boxset - vinyl
Artist: Wigwam
CatNo: SRE657LP
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Wigwam Fairyport-Deluxe Boxset

An extravagant 51st anniversary edition of Wigwam’s wildly inventive prog rock classic, Fairyport.

4 LP boxset limited to 1000 copies globally. Mixed from the original reels and remastered.

Created in association with Jukka Gustavson and featuring copious extras, including a live recording, demo session tapes, a 36 minute version of  Rave-Up For The Roadies and more.


Disc: 1

1. Losing Hold

2. Gray Traitors

3. Lost Without A Trace

4. Cafffkaff, the Country Psychologist

5. May Your Will be Done, Dear Lord

6. Fairyport

7. How To Make It Big In Hospital
Disc: 2

1. P.K.'s Supermarket (4-track demo)

2. Hot Mice

3. P.K.'s Supermarket

4. Fireside aka Every Fold (4-track demo)

5. One More Try

6. Every Fold (Violin mix)

7. Rockin' Ol' Galway (Violin mix)

8. Rockin' Ol' Galway

9. Every Fold

Disc: 3

1. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Live Ruisrock 1970)

2. Losing Hold (Live on Swedish Radio)

3. Medley: Up On Cripple Creek...(Live Ruisrock 1970)

4. Medley: A Day In The Life... (Live on Swedish Radio)

5. The Weight (Live Ruisrock 1970)

Disc: 4

1. Rave-Up For The Roadies (Unedited Version) part 2

2. Rave-Up For The Roadies (Unedited Version) part 1