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White Sea Tropical Odds Vinyl
Tropical Odds is the second album by White Sea, the solo alias adopted by American singer, songwriter and producer Morgan Kibby
Born in Alaska, and now a resident of Los Angeles, Morgan fronted The Romanovs before joining acclaimed electronic music group M83 in 2007, co-writing, arranging and playing keyboards on the albums Saturdays = Youth and Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, as well as completing several world tours.
As White Sea, her first solo album In Cold Blood arrived in 2014, a dramatic debut praised by Billboard for its 'canyon-sized hooks, knowingly grandiose melodies and succulent vocals' and judged 'pop's newest break-up classic' by Flavourwire. Outside of M83 Morgan has also collaborated with artists such as Greg Kurstin, Panic! at the Disco, Mark Ronson and School of Seven Bells, remixed Ellie Goulding and Britney Spears, and composed the award winning soundtrack to Eva Husson's provocative 2016 movie Bang Gang.
New album Tropical Odds stems from an interactive project launched via White Sea's website featuring digital singles and videos released at regular intervals throughout 2015 and 2016. 'Generally being able to create and mix and master my solo material within days has given me the direct freedom to share songs I want people to hear,' explained Morgan. 'In short, if I write something that I like - I put it out!'
Now gathered together in album form, the musical moods on Tropical Odds range from the sombre reflections of Gangster No. 1 and Yesterday to the hedonistic rush of Stay Young, Get Stoned and Never a Woman, high drama on Bloodline and Arcadia, and heartbreaking balladry on Secret, One Bad Eye and Lessons.
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1. Bloodline
2. Arcadia
3. Yesterday
4. Stay Young, Get Stoned
5. Never A Woman
1. Bloodmoon
2. Ellipses
2. Secret
4. Gangster No. 1
5. One Bad Eye