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Format: CD
Artist: Warren Smith
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Rockabilly Legend Warren Smith CD Sun

'Probably the best pure singer for country music I've ever heard. ' SAM PHILLIPS

The best of his Sun recordings.

1. Rock'n'Roll Ruby
2. I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry
3. Black Jack David
4. Ubangi Stomp
5. Tell Me Who
6. Tonight Will Be The Last Night
7. The Darkest Cloud
8. So Long, I'm Gone
9. Who Took My Baby
10. Miss Froggie
11. Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache
12. Stop The World
13. Got Love If You Want It
14. I Fell In Love
15. Dear John (studio talk & master)
16. Hank Snow Medley
17. Do I Love You
18. Uranium Rock
19. Goodbye Mr. Love
20. Sweet Sweet Girl (studio talk & master)
21. I Couldn't Take The Chance
22. I Like Your Kind Of Love
23. Uranium Rock (alt)
24. Goodbye Mr Love (alt)
25. Stop The World (alt)
26. Rock'n'Roll Ruby (alt)
27. So Long, I'm Gone (alt)
28. Old Lonesome Feeling (incomplete)
29. My Hanging Day
30. Sweet Sweet Girl (alt)