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Format: CD
Artist: Warmrain
CatNo: RAIN002CD
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Warmrain Back Above The Clouds Lonely Robot 2CD
Back Above The Clouds is the highly anticipated 2019 debut album from rising stars of Prog, Warmrain.
Conceptually based on a true story and adapted from journals documenting thoughts and feelings relating to loss, the album also contains a sublime 7 minute interpretation of the Eurythmics’ classic Here Comes The Rain Again.
Produced by John Mitchell (Lonely Robot / It Bites).
1. Fading Star
2. Absent Friends
3. Running Out Of Time
4. Alone In Silent Harmony
5. I Should Be Seeing Stars By Now
6. New Dawn
7. Metamorphosis
8. Here Comes The Rain Again (Extended Version)
1. A Hundred Miles High
2. Live The Dream
3. Free Now
4. Flying Dreams
5. Absent Friends (Reprise)
6. Luminous Star (More Than A Memory)
7. Equilibrium