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Format: CD
Artist: Voyager
CatNo: IAV1701P
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Voyager Ghost Mile cd
Fusing Prog virtuosity and unpredictability, Metal-infused power, melodic Pop hooks and contemporary sonic ambition, Ghost Mile is the sixth album from Australian band Voyager (who have performed throughout North America, Europe and Asia with the likes of Opeth, Devin Townsend, Leprous, Nightwish and Orphaned Land).
'It sets off a series of goosebumps with its otherworldly sound.' - Depth Magazine
'Voyager don't live up to expectations at all. They go far beyond them.' - Prog Magazine
1. Ascension (5.22)
2. Misery Is Only Company (5.01)
3. Lifeline (4.45)
4. The Fragile Serene (4.55)
5. To the Riverside (2.09)
6. Ghost Mile (4.18)
7. What a Wonderful Day (3.12)
8. Disconnected (4.52)
9. This Gentle Earth (1981) (3.28)
10. As the City Takes the Night (6.25)